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6th IFODS (International and French Oncology Days): 14-16 June 2023

You can consult the pre-programme here

The IFODS Congress, in partnership with the St Paul’s courses and many learned societies, is today fully situated as a transversal and French-speaking congress of oncology, which wishes to take care in particular of its juniors by ensuring them a training of excellence, facilitated by the presence and the availability of very didactic speakers.

Gradually, this congress is being enriched with several new assets:

  1. The support of the INCa, precisely in this training approach, especially for interns.
  2. Obtaining ASCO approval to officially organise the “Post ASCO or ASCO in a day” all day event on 16 June 2023;
  3. The presence of numerous specialties that join us: neuro-oncology, haematology, oncogeriatrics, oncopediatrics.
  4. A full day now dedicated to the cancer innovation ecosystem
  5. A future-oriented vision, with 4 sessions on the theme of artificial intelligence, in all its aspects.
  6. A space dedicated to young oncologists (AERIO, SFjRO and interns of specialties), who will organize several sessions dedicated to their practice, which is evolving, and will benefit from a total coverage to come and attend the 3 days of the congress, thanks to the support of the INCA, the SFC and UNICANCER

We sincerely hope that there will be a large number of participants at this congress, which has a real vocation to become the national congress of cancerology, providing training for the youngest but also for all the professionals involved in cancerology.

We rely heavily on your support to promote IFODS within the IUC

Pr. Jean-Philippe Spano, MD, PhD

Research Director of the IUC AP-HP Sorbonne University

President of IFODS