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Presentation of the IUC

In France, every day, more than 1000 cancers are diagnosed and are the first cause of death in men and the second in women. It is encouraging to note that, despite an increasing number of new cases, we have seen a decrease in mortality and an increase in cure rates for almost 20 years. This progress is linked to several essential advances:

  • Identification of at-risk populations for the deployment of prevention and screening strategies for certain cancers.
  • Advances in research leading to the identification of new targets and the development of new and more effective personalized treatments.
  • Supportive care that reduces the impact of disease and treatment on patients’ quality of life.
  • Finally, multidisciplinarity is now essential, which is why the IUC has been committed to this perspective from the outset, and cultivates a true “team spirit” that has already led to several major achievements, including national and international accreditations such as the SIRIC Curamus (one of the nine integrated cancer research sites in France), the CLIP2 Galilée (accredited center for early phase treatment trials) and several reference centers in the field of rare cancers.

30,000 patients treated per year

Each year, within the hospitals of AP-HP Sorbonne University, we take care of nearly 30,000 patients with or at risk for all types of cancer and of all ages. Our care offer is complete, multidisciplinary and innovative, allowing us to call upon all the specialties necessary for optimal care of our patients. Our research programs ensure access to diagnostic and therapeutic innovations. IUC’s academic offerings reflect our versatility and include not only medicine but also science, engineering, and the humanities. The coordination of all these activities within AP-HP Sorbonne University has been entrusted to the University Institute of Cancerology (IUC), created 10 years ago and bringing together Sorbonne University and the hospitals of the AP-HP Sorbonne University GHU, as well as essential partners in the field of research, such as Inserm and the CNRS. The link with the University of Patients reflects our desire to center all our thinking around and with patients. Our goal is to provide all our patients with access to quality, innovative and validated care. To do this, we must be at the forefront of research and support the personal, family, social and societal upheavals associated with cancer.

All of our teams are working to provide all of the medical and surgical expertise required to “take care” of those who are or will be faced with cancer.


Joseph Gligorov Christine Welty Bruno Riou Serge Uzan
Executive Director
IUC AP-HP Sorbonne University
General Manager
AH-HP Sorbonne University
Faculty of Medicine Sorbonne University
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IUC AP-HP Sorbonne University