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Pediatric Oncology

Thoracic and vascular surgery

Dermatology, allergology and vascular medicine


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Medical Onco-Radiation Therapy


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Missions and Objectives

The University Institute of Cancerology AP-HP.SU is a federative, multidisciplinary structure within the
Sorbonne University Faculty of Medicine and the

GH AP-HP.Sorbonne University
dedicated to care, research and education in cancer, involving partner teams
(INSERM, CNRS, INRIA, Quinze-Vingts)
and Sorbonne University.

With more than 100 care and research teams, the AP-HP.SU IUC offers multidisciplinary management of solid and hematological malignancies of all ages and access to innovations for all patients. An environment of recognized expertise with, among others, the Integrated Cancer Research Site(SIRIC-CURAMUS), the early phase research centers(CLIP Galilée) for adults and children in partnership, the National Expert Networks such as CANCERVIH, the thematic clinical research groups (GRC)…


With centers for the management of populations at risk of cancer or fragile populations (Colorectal, Prostate, Lung, Breast, Ovary… Elderly), the IUC AP-HP.SU is firmly committed to cancer prevention and screening.
Platforms of excellence
of excellence in care and research complete this expertise.


The objectives of the IUC AP-HP.SU are:

  • To develop therapeutic, diagnostic, theranostic and technological innovations and facilitate their access to all patients.
  • To improve the quality of patient care by providing ongoing support to create new connections for the development of multidisciplinary research and understanding of cancer through multidisciplinary teams.
  • Integrate new approaches through mathematical modeling, physics, chemistry, bioinformatics, ethics without forgetting the contribution of human and social sciences.
  • Always inform and train professionals, patients and the general public on all innovations through our theme days.
  • Develop shared decision-making with the patient and health democracy for a concerted and personalized care path.