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Announcement of the call for projects of the SU-Pasteur Institute Doctoral Program.

The call for projects of the Sorbonne-University-Institut Pasteur Doctoral Program aims to strengthen research collaborations between the two establishments in all disciplines. This program can help structure collaborations already established, or under construction, in the field of Life Sciences and Biomedical Research, but also to set up interdisciplinary collaborations between biology and physics, chemistry (chemobiology), mathematics (modeling), computer science (artificial intelligence) and the Humanities

  • Eligibility Requirements:
  1. The doctoral research project (PRD) must imperatively include a research team from the Pasteur Institute and Sorbonne University;
  2. The main thesis director (i.e. the partner who submits the doctoral project) must be affiliated with an ED SU in all disciplines;
  3. The collaboration may involve any team of the Pasteur Institute, including those not affiliated with SU EDs, and in this case the principal TD is necessarily the SU partner.
  • Dates to remember:
  1. Launch of the PAA: March 6, 2023
  2. Deadline for receipt of projects: May 19, 2023
  3. Deadline for student applications: June 8, 2023
  4. Estimated date of the auditions of the candidates: June 21-22, 2023

Submit your application

The application must include the form “Application_contest_SU_Pasteur_2022 Program”, completed and named “NAME dir thesis_SU_Pasteur_2023”.

Click here to download the form


The project forms in a first time (deadline May 19) are to be sent back to the persons in charge by mail:

Chahrazade EL AMRI :

And :

Jean-Pierre VARTANIAN :

And also to :

ED SU:>.

The files of students applying for a thesis project will be sent in a second time after the validation of the project by the doctoral program.