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Renewal of the SiRIC label for CURAMUS

Congratulations to the entire SIRIC Curamus team, led by Prof. Marc Sanson, which has just obtained the renewal of the label for the period 2023-2027. The objective: to participate in a better knowledge and management of cancers.

This “integrated cancer research site” label, awarded by INCa in partnership with Inserm and the General Directorate for Healthcare Services (DGOS), is intended to finance excellent translational cancer research projects.

The relabeling builds on the knowledge already acquired and allows us to take a new step by developing new programs:

  • Program 1

    Brain, cancer and immunity – cellular dialogue in brain tumors
    coordinated by Dr Mehdi Touat and Dr Marie-Caroline Dieu-Nosjean

  • Program 2

    Rare and aggressive hematological cancers in their ecosystem
    coordinated by Pr Florence Nguyen-Khac and Dr Vincent Vieillard

  • Program 3

    Microsatellite instability and cancer
    coordinated by Pr Alex Duval and Dr Florence Renaud

These programs aim at a better understanding of the genetics and the immune microenvironment of these tumors, the development of personalized treatments and an improvement in the patient’s journey and quality of life. They will be complemented by cross-disciplinary expertise, notably in artificial intelligence with the participation of Prof. Xavier Tannier and in medical humanities with the interdisciplinary research group in medical humanities led by Prof. Karine Berthelot-Guiet.

At the same time, a CURAMUS patient and caregiver committee has been created. Their experience and expertise are a real added value.

This label is a recognition of the excellence of the CURAMUS project and also a recognition of the expertise of the research conducted within AP-HP.Sorbonne University and Sorbonne University in conjunction with the University Institute of Cancerology (IUC).