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First meeting of the IUC AP-HP Sorbonne University patient committee

Putting the patient experience at the heart of practice improvement initiatives

On Monday, December 5, the first meeting of the Patients’ Committee of the University Institute of Cancerology (IUC) AP-HP Sorbonne University was held. The goal: to put the patient experience at the heart of practice improvement initiatives.

Composed of patient partners, a user representative and hospital professionals from various fields, the committee was set up to carry out concrete work to improve the care of patients with cancer, based on their experiences and the skills they develop as they progress through their care. Evaluation of satisfaction, promotion of the role of patient partners, information, and support for therapeutic education efforts are the first topics that the committee has addressed.

This approach is part of the work carried out as part of the process of obtaining the “Comprehensive Cancer Center” label issued by the OECI, for which the IUC is a candidate.



“This first meeting was very constructive and rich in exchanges. I am delighted with this sharing, these crossed views and this proposal of co-construction patients partners / hospital staff.”

Katia Laurant, patient partner at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital and member of the IUC patient committee